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Definition: – “Up The Sleeve” basically is explained as a position or place above the arm.

Up the sleeve (According to the album context) can be explained as a certain level or amount of ideas and tricks that one can contain to execute life in its fullness.

The Up the Sleeve Album Contains 12 Tracks and with a rap Interlude. It features Artistes like IssaGhad, Gbaraspoken, DjPoppa, Edemz NXTBT.

The album idea was well thought and planned by YoBoyKen on 01st July 2020 after viewing different people’s ways of life and how they do execute their activities in the different walks of life. Up the sleeve explains the struggle of a young Rapper/producer/singer/ Videographer/ in fact any young person in any walk of life who is trying to achieve life’s goals by using all that they’ve got (In this case Musically/ Poetically)

Many times, we are faced with very tough situations in life that so many people just forget that God has blessed them with a lot of talents and abilities of being able to create something from scratch till it bears fruits (entrepreneurs) and a lot more.

“I have been faced with so many decisions to make as it comes with using up my skills, I up my sleeve that I know and the ones am yet to discover in the several ventures of life in this case the music business, hence the Album.” Says YoBoyKen

“So, I do implore all hustlers out there for doing their best and using all tricks they got to make this world one that is worth living in, worth making mistakes and “correcting” he added.

Content Created, written and Produced by YoBoyKen.

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