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Senior Woman Rapper Grace Anika commonly known as GA Swagger in a TV interview with Lulua TV says LP Shaddy has no brains, he is like a popcorn, he just wakes ups to abuse me and all women in this region “I don’t like talking about him”.

And when was asked about her relationship with Quin Gee who is signed to King Kong Music of LP Shaddy, GA Swagger said, “I can not fight with any lady not for anything” she continues saying Quin Gee was like a family friend to me before the whole beef that she created among us. According to GA Swagger her relationship with Quin Gee began to deteriorate when she murdered Quin Gee in a battle that was organized last year , this angered Quin Gee and for that reason they are no longer close friends, she adds on saying actually Quin Gee is using my name to gain more fame.

Get the full Interview on Lulua TV Star talk Season 5 here is the youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=It4euxTYlYU&t=2186s or you can watch from our website here direct.

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