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Jobian Tick and Black Lion Powering Up; from ‘Local Derby’ to a new ‘Boss Lady’ Song

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All we ask from our people is their love and support…”

The Gangstar Rappers duo of Jobian Tick and Black LIion

They are now called The Gangstar Rappers. Am talking about the rap duo of Oriyo Job aka Jobian Tick The Rap Machine and Ojobile Godfrey aka Black Lion, formerly rap soldiers of Lugbarap Soldiers with Rappa Blutit, GA Swagger and Fify Hafi as a group. While in the group, we began to know them through songs like Karakaca, Shame on you, Ikpaki etc.

Jobian Tick and Black Lion during one of their performances

Now a duo, the story of the two rappers has taken a new twist as they find ways to grow their brand especially having learnt from their former group and the fact that they have to man up to stand on their own.

As usual, the story of a musician in a group and that of a solo artist or one who quits a group and branches to start a solo career is full of surprises.

Local Derby one of the duo’s first songs after establishing the Gangstar Rappers managed to catch the attention of music fans when the legendary vocals of Endy Joe added more juice to the tune.

I contacted Jobian Tick to share a word with us and fans about what us cooking in their camp and he was so excited. This is what the Rap Machine said;

As The Gangstar Rappers, we are working hard to give good music to fans of West Nile Music. All we ask from our people is their love and support. More good music and videos are in line from us and we shall always be glad to share that with fans.”

As the boys keep working hard to stand and push their music on their own, am glad to.share with the world that Boss Lady is a great song featuring V Click and here is its online download link.


The Arua City based Gangstar Rappers chilling at home

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قالب وردپرسافزونه وردپرسقالب فروشگاهی وردپرسقالب وردپرسقالب صحیفه